Music Mondays: “Africa” by Toto

Okay, I decided to have a little fun this Monday. This is a throwback in the worst way possible… 80’s music.

I decided to look up what the #1 song was on the day that I was born. Don’t ask why, just go with it.

And I found out this was the song:

“Africa” by Toto:

Most people would think it’s a terrible song. Or at best, a one hit wonder with a decent rhythm and beat. Actually, I consider it a win. Anybody who knows me knows why.

And apart from that, after actually listening to and reading the lyrics, it’s pretty decent. If they could only take away the 80’s portion of it and put it to music that is actually listenable, this could be a great song. Hope you enjoy it for what it’s worth.

What was the song on the day you were born? Do you think it’s telling of the person you are, or just more of that horoscope-type bullshit?

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