Music Mondays: Love Potion #9

If you’re old enough, you may remember when this song came out. For those of us not born in that era, we have to rely on youtube to be exposed to it. I guess technology is good for SOME things.

Originally, “Love Potion No. 9” was written by Jerry Lieber and Mike Stoller in 1959 and performed by The Clovers that same year. So here is The Clovers version:

The song has been covered many times over the years by the likes of Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass, Ronnie Dio and the Prophets, Hurriganes (yes, that’s spelled correctly), The Nylons, Alvin and the Chipmunks and even The Alley Cats.

I know, those are some blockbuster names. But have no fear, it was also covered by Neil Diamond, Robert Plant, and AC/DC a few names that should be very familiar to everybody, whether you care for them or not (I could really only care less about Robert Plant, to be honest).

I could post every version of the song on here, but nobody really wants to listen to several dozen renditions of the same song. So I’ll just leave you with my personal favorite, another early R&B group called The Coasters:

Now isn’t that special? Actually, I think it musically captures the essence of the lyrics. And it also reminds me of Margo.

Here’s to Margo and Love Potion No. 9. Enjoy.

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