Music Mondays: Break of Reality

I have discovered something truly awesome. Well, actually, I didn’t discover it. I found it long after it already existed. And many people have known about it before me. I figure if Columbus can claim discovery, so can I.

And what is ‘it’ you ask? Break of Reality. No, it’s not a new illicit drug. If it was, I guarantee I wouldn’t be writing this right now. At least not here or now. Maybe on Tralfamador where I’d be sitting in a zoo with b-movie star Montana Wildhack discussing the intricacies of space-time and how it is as it always was and ever will be with the native Tralfamadorians. Reading that actually does sound like I’ve been partaking in illicit drugs. I assure you, it’s a reference to Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse V.

No. What I discovered called Break of Reality is only the best cello rock cover band you’ve never heard of.

Before you snub your nose at ‘cello rock’ and ‘cover band’, hear me out. Or rather, hear them out:

I told you they were truly awesome! What’s even more awesomer is that these guys make music that’s conducive to writing. In fact, their music is the centerpiece musical muse to a new project I’m working on called “No Man’s Land (or Salt of the Earth)”.

More specifically, this song:

And this one:

These two songs are where I’ve derived a ton of inspiration for writing “No Man’s Land”. But that’s about all I got say about that. For now. I just wanted to share my Break of Reality with y’all.

Okay, that is all. You can go now. Thanks. And enjoy.

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2 thoughts on “Music Mondays: Break of Reality

  1. Wow thanks for sharing them! They are beautifully talented. I can see how they could help the creative flow. I just want to dance when I hear them….which is my plan now.

    You make me smile 🙂

    • You can dance if you want to. You can leave your friends behind. Cuz your friends don’t dance and if your friends don’t dance, well then they’re no friends of mine.

      I love their music, too. Very conducive to inspiring writing. If you like this, wait till next week. It’s the best Japanese shamisen duo you’ve never heard of…

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