Music Mondays: Margo Dedication Double Feature

I love music. That shouldn’t be a surprise to anybody who knows me. There’s so much power in music. Just ask Bob Marley.

Today is a special day. And it’s dedicated to my one and only, Margo. Don’t worry about her last name. She’d prefer to remain slightly anonymous for now.

But these songs are appropriate for her. As is the “Everybody Plays The Fool” I posted earlier (I told you, I’d give you more info as the situation dictates. It’s still vague, I know, but it’s all you get for now). Rest assured, you will know who Margo is in the next few… derr uhh, years.

The first song is kind of Margo’s theme song. It’s called Fa Fa Fa Fa Fa (Sad Song) by one of my absolute favorite artists, Otis Redding. Yes, I’m partial to him as a Georgia native.

Originally  recorded in 1966 by Otis (the same year he recorded “Try A Little Tenderness”, but that’s for another day) as an honorific “King of Soul” alongside James Brown (another Georgia native) and Sam Cooke (also a favorite of mine). As far as I know, Otis Redding is the only one to record this song. And I’m perfectly okay with it because it’s a great song. I wouldn’t want anybody else to come and ruin it. Mama always said, “If you can’t make something better, don’t make it all.”

This is a live version of the song. Enjoy. And don’t forget to keep reading/listening for more music below. I said it was a double feature today.

[My favorite part is when the adoring lady-fan in the audience says, “Sing good to me baby. Sing good to ME!” and then proceeds to be the loudest in the audience. Bless her heart, she can’t sing worth a lick. Makes me wonder if she got what she wanted. I have no doubt Mr. Redding could have done what he pleased with that one… or any lady in the audience that night. Or any other night, for that matter.]

This second song is once again dedicated to my Margo.

This song isn’t so much a theme song as it is a song I could see her singing alone in her room when she thinks no one is listening or watching. It’s truly a fitting song for her personality and passions.

Originally recorded in 1959 by Harvard mathematician, Tom Lehrer (and written by the same) the song is sung to the tune of “Major-General’s Song” from The Pirates of Penzance by Gilbert and Sullivan.

The song has been referenced in different aspects of pop culture especially the TV shows The Big Bang Theory, NCIS, The Gilmore Girls and… well, I digress.

[You can also hear a version of the song sung by Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe, if you’re into that sort of thing, here.]

But you get the point. And the point is: it’s totally Margo. Call it Margeaux Mania, if you must. I can’t wait to introduce you to Margo some day… in the near future. I’m sure you’ll like her as much as I do.

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One thought on “Music Mondays: Margo Dedication Double Feature

  1. theWomanAtTheWell says:

    I think I like her already…My husband will like the second cilp,LOL! Otis Redding is a dream…Your Margo has great taste in music..Love the Harry Potter connection, and your commentary on the redding vid was priceless too. Good post! God Bless you and Margo. -WATW

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