Foodie Fridays: Eggplant Parmegiana

Welcome to Foodie Fridays on Soul Gourmet. I’ll try to post something new every Friday that I’ve made. However, there’s no guarantee I’ll make something new each week. So in that event, I’ll post some pictures of some of my favorite foods or some must-try good eats.

Luckily this week, I made some amazing Tuscan/Northern Italian-inspired food.

On the menu: Eggplant parmegiana on a bed of polenta grits topped with marinara, baby portobellos stuffed with cream cheese, arugula and Italian sausage and a savory potato soup.

It’s a hearty three-course meal that can easily be turned vegetarian simply by omitting the Italian sausage from the stuffed mushrooms and soup. And voila! It’s vegetarian. I like my meat though, so it was included in mine.

Stuffed baby portobellos.

The first course consisted of a very simple appetizer: baby portobellos stuffed with cream cheese, Italian sausage and fresh chopped arugula broiled on high for about 5-10 minutes. That’s it. No other seasonings (and believe me, none are really required) and no secret ingredients.

Tuscan-inspired potato soup.

The Tuscan-inspired soup was a vegetable stock based soup with equal parts whole milk, thinly sliced potatoes, mushrooms, Italian sausage and fresh arugula added towards the end. I seasoned it fairly generously with salt, black pepper, cumin, rosemary and sage. A single bowl is actually very hearty and if you add in a bread bowl, it can easily be a meal in itself.

And the main course was, of course, eggplant parmegiana. The eggplant was breaded in flour, salt, pepper and other herbs and a bread crumb mixture that included the centers from the bread bowls and yes, MORE ARUGULA!

Eggplant parmegiana w/ marinara on a bed of polenta

The marinara was a homemade sauce of my own seasoning and some sherry wine. The polenta was cooked on low for at least 30 minutes and then allowed to sit and become more solid. Again, I used my own seasoning on it. It’s not a big secret what they were, just traditional Italian spices and herbs.

All in all, it was a fantastic and very filling meal. In fact, I wouldn’t recommend it in full for those watching their appetites and figures. Each course is, without a doubt, muy delicioso by itself for those less hungry who want to try each one separately.

Buon appetito! And for my South African friends, lekker eet! Smaaklike ete!

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2 thoughts on “Foodie Fridays: Eggplant Parmegiana

  1. From one Foodie to the next: Fed-ex me some of that! :-)! It looks delish!

  2. Oh, it was. I was even highly surprised at how well it came out. When they learn to preserve the quality of food during shipment, you’ll be the first to receive some 😉 My favorite part was how well the marinara went with the polenta grits.

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